Imagine you’ve found your dream home. It’s got everything you’ve wanted but unfortunately you’re not around to make the most of it. Western Australia is renowned for its mining industry and the FIFO workers who make up the backbone of the state’s economy.

By renting your home out to travellers you can help balance out the cost of your mortgage whilst also ensuring your home remains occupied. Let’s be real, if someone else can pay your mortgage, why would you say no?

Rental Property Management: DIY Or Go With The Experts

No doubt, some home owners will still insist upon organising guests themselves. We agree that there are legitimate reasons for their choices but at what cost? People lead busy lives and we understand that you’ll likely be swamped with work whilst away, plus who will vet the tenants, manage the key handovers, and ensure your home is cleaned and intact?

Backed up by our years of short term rental property management experience, we can help your home thrive by offering our extensive range of services including pricing, marketing and managing your property. Aside from the financials, think about the time and labour involved, our services aren’t just efficient, they’re just smart business.

Taking The Stress Out With Pass Your keys

As an experienced rental management agency we provide a full service for those new to short term accommodation renting. From increasing your profits and tenancy by pricing your property at the optimal nightly rates, to organising photography and online listings, we do it all. Beyond setup, an Airbnb or listing will also require routine attention as guest enquiries, booking coordination and household maintenance come into play. Trust us, after a busy day, no one wants a surprise phone call about an emergency plumbing issue. Getting someone who specialises in Airbnb management can save you both time and heartache.

If you’re largely spending your time working away from home, a short term rental strategy might just be for you.