You’ve taken the leap! Your home is now about to be Airbnb’s latest, greatest listing. But wait, put yourself in the shoes of a potential holidaymaker and ask: What about the “Wow!” factor? Making your rental property stand out in an increasingly competitive environment is what we do best.

Think about the location of your holiday rental and the average traveller who is likely to book it. A one bedroom, inner city apartment is likely to draw a different crowd than a family home in Cottesloe. We will tailor your interior design and photography services to optimise your rental homes’ potential.

Building The Best Airbnb Experience

Any diligent traveller is likely to do their research before narrowing down their top picks. This is where you’ll want to make the most out of your Airbnb listing, after all, first impressions are everything. Not sure where to start? We can help you organise a photographer for some attention grabbing images, after all, first impressions are everything.

Don’t forget, whilst it may be your home, it still needs to be appealing to a diverse audience. Consider the amenities and condition of your furniture, a small investment in some key pieces can really help a room interior. Likewise, a coat of paint can do wonders for a tired space.

The Best Airbnb Host’s Make A House A Home

As your guests will likely have travelled for several hours, we want to ensure their check in is convenient and stress free. By forwarding on essential information about the alarm, hot water system and anything else important we ensure that your guests’ stay will be as relaxing as possible, giving them time to enjoy their holiday.

In addition, some of the more mundane (yet important!) aspects of preparing for your next guest will also be covered. Got any valuables or possessions that may be a little too personal to be left lying around? We’ll ensure that jewellery, important documents, money and prescription medicines will be returned or stored safely away from potential visitors.

Likewise, it’s often the little things that put a smile on your guests’ face. Household staples such as extra blankets, pillows, kitchen utensils or even some brochures and menus are always a welcome addition and really contribute to the homely atmosphere.