Everyone loves the idea of a holiday home. Imagine having your own personal slice of paradise for a weekend getaway. But what about your life back home? We’d totally understand it if you said that work and family commitments had gotten in the way of your latest vacation.

The Upside Of Short-Term Rentals

One of the most popular reasons for renting out your holiday home is to help cover the cost of maintaining it. It’s also not uncommon for savvy investors to buy an investment property with the intention to sell it once the market improves, or to eventually retire in a more picturesque location. In the meantime, renting it out to short term travellers can prove to be exceptionally rewarding, as short term rentals routinely yield a higher return on investment than long term lease agreements. Moreover, short term rentals still give you the freedom to enjoy your home away from home, whilst providing you with an increased revenue during peak travel seasons.

What Can Pass Your Keys Do For Me?

Rental management can be tricky, especially for first timers who aren’t based in the same vicinity as their holiday home. Here at Pass Your Keys we take the stress out of day to day management, providing peace of mind and expert knowledge to give you the most out of your investment. Worried about leaving your home vacant for long periods of time? With our rental property management we can keep your home occupied, deterring burglars and ensuring that your getaway location is routinely maintained and cared for.

We also understand that your holiday home may be away from your primary residence which is why we provide trusted maintenance and cleaning services, working closely with contacts in the local area. At Pass Your Keys, we recognise the value of a cherished vacation home which is why we aim to put your mind at ease by calling and screening potential visitors. A wild group of students looking for a big weekend away? No thanks.

With current restrictions preventing overseas travel, holiday makers are queuing up to enjoy Western Australia. We can help manage your investment today!